Our Approach

What to say…? We like to tackle projects in our own sweet time!  We get excited by potential and the prospect of a finished product.  Therefore we have a lot of unused material!  The anticipation of a finished project for us is almost better than the finished item itself. 🙂

We would “never say never” with any projects.  There’s nothing off limits really.

We like to take a project and think about how to approach it in the most efficient way.  We’re not bound by classical definitions or traditional approaches (although we certainly appreciate the skills of traditional craftsmanship even if we don’t embody them!) – we try something, see if it works and then try to think how it could be done more efficiently.

YouTube is our friend – we spend a lot of time researching the work of others and using their knowledge and experience to make our workshop time as efficient as possible.

Our Story


Meet the Team

Lucy Mitchell

Founder & CEO

Lucy likes quilting, sewing generally, wood turning, paper crafting, general crafting and buying fabric!,

Richard Mitchell

Founder & CEO

Richard likes to make stuff – doesn’t matter what or how – if there’s a way to craft something from something else, he’s in :).

Next Steps…

We’re not really into taking commissions or anything at the moment, but are happy to chat with anyone who’s interested in making.

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